October 21, 2008

Mrs. Roshan's Gold Guilt...

Suzzane Roshan wears a rather classy bag in a rather trahsy colour... hmmmm....
The bag is the LV Suhali L'Amaible in Gold; Buy Here.

... and don't forget the dress? what was she thinking??

The only thing working here is the drop dead cute couple they make... awwww!


  1. trashy indeed, I'm not surprised at all. The Khans and the Roshans don't have a sense of proper style at all! It shows that style is not something you can buy with money they are truly the evidence! However she is really pretty - just bad clothing choices
    Have you seen the pics of fardeen khan's sis? She is a total disaster, his wife is the same...

  2. haha u r so right with fardeen... they are portrayed to be a stylish family but seriously they all need to hire a stylist!

  3. hmm...im bored wITh them except for susane roshans cavalI bag


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